कतार सरकारले १३ डिसेम्बर देखि लागू हुने गरी नयाँ कानुन सार्वजनिक !

कृष्ण सारू मगर
दोहा-कतार ११ अगष्ट

विगत लामो समय देखीको पर्खाईमा रहेको कफाला प्रोयोजनको कानुन अन्तत: यहि आउँदो १३ डिसेम्बर देखि श्रमिकका हकमा लागू हुने गरी कतार सरकारले विभिन्न १६ वटा परिमार्जित श्रमिक ऐन कानुनलाई गत अगष्टको पहिलो हप्तामा http://www.qatarday.com/blog/information/16-things-you-need-to-know-about-new/12701#sthash.gAn7Wyah.dpuf ले सार्वजनिक गरेको छ ।

गत वर्ष अक्टोबरमा कतार सरकारले श्रमिक सम्वन्धि प्रायोजनको ऐन कानुनलाई परिमार्जन गर्न प्रस्ताव भएको थियो । त्यसैको ठिक १ वर्ष पश्चात यसले श्रमिकहरुमा थप उत्साह जागेको छ । यस बारे थप जानकारी दिन यहाँको आन्तरिक मन्त्रालयले छिट्टै सामाजिक सञ्जाल मार्फत अभियान पनि चलाउने पनि भएको छ ।

यस भित्र श्रमिकको कतार प्रवेश, बसाई तथा प्रस्थान सम्बन्धि कानून संग संवद्ध पर्ने गर्दछ ।

परिर्वतित सेवा, सुविधा के-के हुने त ?
16 things you need to know about new law kafala changes

1) New law would be implemented by this year 2016.(updated)
2) New law will make employment and stay of expatiates entirely contract-based.
3) Two-year ban on a new work visa will no longer be applicable.
4) No approval from former employer if he is recruited by a new employer.
5) Worker who has got a new contract to work in Qatar can come back even on the next day.
6) Exit permit will not be required for travel it will become invalid with enforcement of new law.
7) To leave country employee needs to inform his employer before three days and apply through in Metrash 2 system.
8) All employment contracts of all expatriate workers who are already here will be replaced with new contracts by the end of this year.
9) Date he has signed the fresh employment contract will be the date from his contract would be counted.
10) Employment contract has to approved by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.
11) Closed contracts shall not exceed a period of five years.
12) Employes with Open-ended contracts can move to another employer after spending a minimum of five years with the first employer.
13) Workers with fixed job contracts can change their work and sign new contracts if they wish so at the end of the contract period without any NOC but approval from the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.
14) An expat can also move to another sponsor with the approval of MOI and MOLSA if the sponsor is dead or the company no longer exists for any reason.
15) QR50,000 fine and jail terms of up to three years for recruiters who allow their employees to work for other parties without prior official approval.
16) QR10,000 to QR25,000 fine for keeping passport of expatriate employee



Administrator Uses All The Admin Accounts of The Company.

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  1. It’s not really bad .. We all employee need our right…. All the company manager are playing some game on employee…. All workers are in trouble… We worker are doing job but there is nothing trust on company if they give salary in time….. ( kathmandu, nepal, chitwan, ratnanagar 2, Tandi. Cinema road ) phone ;-+9779821115682,,,+97756562081) name ;- ram babu pandit kumhal

  2. Excuse me…!!
    I want to know about the topical rules,
    I mean I want to change “kafal change”
    Sponcer change. So please help to inform to us about that. Me just one years completed. Bt me have got a good chance in another company. So
    Can I change sponcerd during with in after 1year???
    How can I change sponcerd ??
    Can I change during with in 1 year???

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